Highlights 2023

Laboratory excursion to the royal castles



Laboratory excursion to the royal castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau

The lab excursion took us to the royal castles, which were a must see for our international students. Afterwards we walked around the Albsee. The day ended with a cozy get-together in the beer garden at the Ammersee.

Prof. Dr. Roths opening the party



Summer Party 2023

The popular Photonics Summer Party is enjoyed by students, alumni and representatives from industry for exchange and networking. We would especially like to thank the Industrial Advisory Board for their financial support.

International exchange studens


Summer semester 2023

International Exchange Students

We wish our new international exchange students a good start in our photonics lab and a nice stay in Munich.

Laser World of Photonics 2023



Fascination Photonics at the Laser World of Photonics

The excursion to this year's Laser World of Photonics trade fair generated great enthusiasm among the participating bachelor's and master's students.
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Highlights 2022

Hiking and relaxed get-together 2022



Hiking and relaxed get-together

The lab team hiked to the Taubenstein summit with a great early autumn weather in the back and along exhausting trails and beautiful waterfalls. Cakes and beer were deserved at the summit’s cottage.

Prof. Dr. Roths opening the party with traditional barrel tapping



Summer Party 2022

After long COVID break, the yearly summer party could be hold again, with current and former students as well as lecturers and friends of the photonics study course and its laboratories gathering for barbecue and beer. A relaxed atmosphere in the universities backyard allowed networking and an enjoyable finish of the summer semester 2022.
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From left to right: Prof. Schrag (TUM), Prof. Koch (TUM), F. Dutz (HM), Prof. Roths (HM)



Dr.-Ing. F. Dutz received his doctorate

Congrats to F. Dutz for defending his dissertation with great success: The examination committee, Prof. Schrag (TUM), Prof. Koch (TUM), and Prof. Roths (HM)(from left to right) got valuable insights into the development of fiber-optical sensors for deployment in gas reactors or turbines, which are used to optimize the system efficiencies
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Highlights 2021

From left to right: Prof. Hanik (TUM), Prof. Koch (TUM), M. Lindner (HM), Prof. Roths (HM)



Dr.-Ing. M. Lindner received his doctorate

Delighted faces after the dissertation defence of M. Lindner: The examination committee and doctorate, Prof. Hanik (TUM), Prof. Koch (TUM), M. Lindner (HM) and Prof. Roths (HM)(from left to right) were visibly impressed by the research results showing the first embedding of fiber-optical sensors into cast parts, which offers a new opportunity for structural health monitoring
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Workshop joint photonics research



Workshop Forschungsfeld Photonik (joint photonics research) in Fischbachau

The laboratories of the Photonics research area met for a workshop. The current research projects were presented at the meeting. Numerous connections were found for the thematic and pesonal cooperation of the laboratories.

Highlights 2020




Prizes for theses

Prizes for theses in the field of optics in the amount of 10,000 euros by Prof. Hönle
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The Photonics Laboratory group visited the Wendelstein




The Photonics Laboratory group visited the Wendelstein. In fine weather the members of the Photonics Group "climbed" the summit on "different paths".




Multipoint fibre-optic temperature probe for a gas turbine of Siemens Energy

Franz Dutz was in Finspang at a mass campania for "Multipoint fibre-optic temperature probe for a gas turbine of Siemens Energy" from 11 to 12 August. Here is the report of the, Bayerische Forschungsstiftung, Erfolgsstories: Faseroptische Hochtemperatursensornetzwerke
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Highlights 2019




Presentation at the Gas Turbine Instrumentation Conference 2019

Franz Dutz gave a talk at the Gas Turbine Instrumentation Conference EVI-GTI in Graz, Austria, on “High temperature distribution monitoring in gas turbine exhaust ducts with multi-point fiber-optic sensors.”


The Photonics Laboratory group visited the Pinakothek der Moderne



Modern paintings and beer garden

In the morning the Photonics Laboratory group visited the Pinakothek der Moderne and in the afternoon they enjoyed the beer garden at the Chinese tower.


EWOFS 2019



Presentation at the 7th European Workshop on Optical Fibre Sensors (EWOFS)

The Laboratory presented two posters at EWOFS 7 in Limassol, Cyprus. One poster high temperatures characteristics on RFBGs (Lindner et al.) and one poster on stiffness mapping fo cartilage (Javadzadeh et al.)


Prof. Dr. Huber opens the party



Summer Party 2019

Our traditional summer party took place on Tuesday July 30th night. Current and former students as well as Professors and Lecturers of the master’s course in Photonics assembled together with representatives of industrial cooperating partners from Siemens, Toptica Photonics, Innolas, Laser Components and Novanta (and others) assembled in a relaxed atmosphere in the universities courtyard. With barbeque and Augustiner beer from the barrel, this community enjoyed the nice summer night and celebrated the end of the Summer Term. This was a great opportunity to establish and to expand informal contacts between students, faculty and industry.


B. Hopf and the doctoral examination committee:
From left to right: Prof Hanik (TUM), Prof. Roths (HM), B. Hopf und Prof. Koch (TUM)



Dr.-Ing. B. Hopf received her doctorate

Pleased and happy faces after the defense of the dissertation of B. Hopf: The examination committee, Prof Hanik (TUM), Prof. Roths (HM) und Prof. Koch (TUM) (from left to right) were visibly impressed by her research results in the field of fiber optic sensing. She successfully received her doctorate (Dr.-Ing.) at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Technical University of Munich with her dissertation about “Fiber Bragg grating based multi-parameter measurements for the application in high power generators.”


Highlights 2018


Novanta GmbH, Garching:
New member of the " Industrial Advisory Board Photonics"



Bachelor-students of Physics Engineering visit Novanta GmbH

Students of the Bachelor program “Engineering Physics” had the opportunity to get a close look to the application laboratory of the NOVANTA GmbH in Garching, which specialized insight in customized solutions for laser-based drilling and cutting applications. The Novanta Europe GmbH in Garching is responsible for application, distribution and service throughout Europe and is a memmber of the industrial advisory partner (“indurstrieller Beirat”) for the master program Photonics.


Prof. M. Yang

Photonics Colloquium: Talk about optical fiber sensing technologies at Wuhan



Stay of Prof. Minghong Yang, Wuhan University of Technology, China

Prof. Minghong Yang, director of the National Engineering Laboratory for Fiber Optic Sensing Technology (NEL-FOST) at the Wuhan University of Technology, China, stayed for two month at the department of Applied Sciences giving courses about fiber optic sensing and thin film optics in the master programs Photonics, Micro- and Nanotechnology and Mechatronics/Precision Engineering.
His stay also provoked the first wish to a further collaboration in academic research between the Photonics Laboratory and the NEL-FOST. We are grateful having the opportunity for such effective international interactions.


The team of the Photonics Laboratory enjoying the great landscape around Murnau



Art and Landscapes: Laboratory tour to Murnau

Great art work and a beautiful landscape were the main impressions that the participants of the Photonics Laboratory took home from their trip to Murnau. The tour included a visit of the “Schlossmuseum” as well as a great walk around the “Staffelsee” with a brief view to the moor all accompanied by good weather and a lot of fun.




Presentation at SPIE-Defense and Commercical Sensing

Our newest research on multipoint temperature sensing with regenerated fiber Bragg gratings, especially for the control and determination of temperature gradients in gas turbines, was presented at the SPIE-Defense and Commercical Sensing in Orlando, Florida.


Invited Talk: SPIE-Conference SPIE-Photonics West



Presentation at SPIE-Photonics West, San Francisco

Analyzing the biomechanical behavior of cartilage in the human knee would be important for determining and staging of osteoarthritis diseases of human knee. The Photonic Laboratory invented a novel fiber optical (FBG-based) micro-indentation technique to distinguish between healthy and degenerated cartilage. Prof. Roths presented the latest research results to a large and interested international photonics community.