Education in Photonics  

Department of Applied Sciences and Mechatronics 


Photonic related topics and theoretical fundamentals are taught in several courses in the faculty's Bachelor programs, with focus on optoelectronics and fiber technology. These technological and theoretical skills are an essential base for further specialization in the Photonics master courses and in all industrial applications using technologies that utilize light. Next to sound and in-depth theoretical knowledge of semi-conductors as light sources or detectors, all courses provide practical education in form of lab courses, which are held in the Photonics Laboratory. The courses in the Photonics Master program offer the opportunity to deepen and intensify the theoretical background in phenomena and description of electromagnetic waves and interaction of light and matter. Additionally, student work in the laboratory offer an insight in the actual state of the art of fiber sensing technology and the opportunity to work within actual applied research in this interesting field.

The provided courses are

  • Photonics Master: Electrodynamics - Quantum Theory and Photons (POM1)
  • Photonics Master: Micro and Fiber Optics (POM1)
  • Micro- and Nano-Technology Master: Lab Course Microtechnology (MMN1)
  • Technical Physics Bachelor: Introduction to Photonics(TPB7)

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