Industrieller Beirat Photonik (Industrial Advisory Board of Photonics)


The importance of photonic technologies for applications in the future is outlined by an active cooperation between the Munich University of Applied Sciences and the industry. The Master's program Photonics is supported by an industrial advisory board, with members of leading companies in the photonics sector which are located in Munich or its surrounding. This cooperation strengthens the novelty and applicability of the Master's program and opens an enlarged insight to future technologies for the current students.

Excelitas Technologies Corp.
Feldkirchen, Göttingen , Germany


Excelitas Technologies Corp.

Location: Feldkirchen, Göttingen (DE)

Excelitas is a developer and manufacturer for optical components and systems with its headquarter in USA. Products of Excelitas can be found in a variety of applications such as medical technologies, aerospace, and in R&D

Excelitas Technologies Corp. Homepage

InnoLas Photonics GmbH,
InnoLas Laser GmbH,
InnoLas Solutions GmbH;
Krailing, Germany



Location: Krailing (DE)

InnoLas Group develops and manufactures industrial lasers for high precision micro machining applications, combines innovative laser technology and precise construction and designs highly efficient and reliable processing systems.

Innolas Homepage


Laser 2000 GmbH,
Wessling, Germany


Laser 2000

Location: Wessling (DE)

Laser 2000 offers their global customers high-tech solutions with an exceptional portfolio ranging from laser technologies and optical sensing to laser safety, spectroscopy and much more.

Laser 2000 Homepage


Laser Components GmbH,
Olching, Germany


Laser Components

Location: Olching (DE)

Laser Components develops high quality custom-specific laser and optoelectronics-related products, such as detectors, laser diodes, laser modules, electronics, laser optics, optical filters, measurement technology, fiber optics, and laser accessories.

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Menlo Systems GmbH,
Martinsried, Germany


Menlo Systems

Location: Martinsried (DE)

Menlo Systems develops and manufactures high precision photonics devices, such as optical frequency combs, ultrastable and femto-second lasers, terahertz systems or photodetectors.

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MLase AG,
Germering, Germany



Location: Germering (DE)

MLases is supplier of UV-light medical and industrial products. The main focus lies in the development and production of high-quality UV laser and light systems.

MLase AG Homepage


Novanta Europe GmbH,
Garching, Germany



Location: Garching (DE)

The Novanta group is a global supplier of core technology solutions with competence in photonics, vision and precision motion. The portfolio ranges from optical scanners, to laser solutions for material processing, to spectrometers or touch panels.

Novanta Homepage


OHB System AG,
Weßling, Germany


OHB System

Location: Weßling-Oberpfaffenhofen (DE)

The OHB System AG is specialized in space applications with a main focus on satellites, e.g. for navigation, meteorology or telecommunication tasks.

OHB Homepage


Thorlabs GmbH,
Dachau, Germany



Location: Dachau (DE)

The Munich department is specialized in the development of optoelectronic devices and is dedicated to providing exceptional photonics solutions for our European customers.

Thorlabs Homepage


Toptica Photonics AG,
Gräfelfing, Germany


Toptica Photonics

Location: Gräfelfing (DE)

TOPTICA is developing and manufacturing high-end laser systems for scientific and industrial applications. The portfolio includes diode lasers, ultrafast fiber lasers, terahertz systems and frequency combs.

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