Forschungsfeld Photonik (joint photonics research)

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Improving the quality in education in the master and bachelor courses in the faculty demands furthers empowerment in the corresponding research environment. The “Forschungsfeld Photonik” promotes the inter-discipliner work in photonics at the faculty, helps to gain new governmental funded projects in seminal applications and boots the visibility of the research activities.

During the duration of three years (2017-2019) six collaborating researchers of the faculty bundle their knowhow and resources to enable far-reaching photonics research.

Research activities are conducted in the following research areas

    1) Laser-transfer of living stem cells for the fabrication of artificial tissue
    Prof. Huber, Prof. Clausen-Schaumann, Prof. Nikolaus, Dr. Sudhop

    2) Functionalization of fiber sensing elements with fs-laser machining methods and their application
    Prof. Roths, Prof. Huber, Prof. Nikolaus

    3) Design, development and application of multiphoton microscopy
    Prof. Hellerer, Prof. Clausen-Schaumann, Dr. Sudhop

    4) Inscription of fiber Bragg gratings and wave guiding structures with fs-laser technology and the manufacturing of novel fiber-optic sensors
    Prof. Huber, Prof. Roths, Prof. Nikolaus

    5) Photoacustics development of a fiber optic microphone for ultrasonic sensing based on a fiber laser
    Prof. Wu, Prof. Roths

    6) Arthrosis diagnosticts with fiber Bragg grating based indentation
    Prof. Clausen-Schaumann, Prof. Roths

Collaborating Professors

Prof. Clausen-Schaumann

Prof. Clausen-Schaumann,

Prof. Hellerer

Prof. Hellerer,
Multiphoton Imaging

Prof. Huber

Prof. Huber,
Optics of ultrashort pulses

Prof. Nikolaus

Prof. Nikolaus,
Optic simulation

Prof. Wu

Prof. Wu,

Prof. Roths

Prof. Roths,
Fiber optics